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Kill 99.99% of all viruses lurking in your offices,homes, cars, school etc with just a touch of the button. Avoid without using expensive chemicals and enjoy a guaranteed virus free environment. Hire us to disinfect your living spaces from corner to corner with the most user friendly and affordable state of the art Virustron equipment. Be the first to experience the advantages and benefits offered and stay safe. Prevention is still better than cure. This ground breaking technology uses high concentration of Ozone that breaksup into natural oxygen super fast. See attached pictures for a glimpse of what these high-tech  equipment can do. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out and compare the benefits with foggers,sanitizers,sprayers etc.

The Virustron

Ultraviolet (UVC)

Germicidal Lamp for Disinfecting offices, schools, Homes, Cars etc.

No chemicals are USED. No water marks, no spillages

Advantages of using UVC lamp:

1, Remote controlled
2, Safe. 10s delayed to work after pressing the power button.
(For people to leave)
3, Smart timer, 15/30/60mins
4, Sterilization rate 99.99%
5, Sterilize the whole room without any dead angle.
6, Simple outlook. Modern technology.
7, Wide applications
8, CE certificate
9.Quartz UVC tube releases
ozone, which can cover
everywhere in the room
without dead angles.
10.This machine can reach a
sterilization rate 99.99%. Within
half an hour after sterilization,
ozone will transfer to oxygen.
Human can come into the room
after half an hour.

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